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BESTKOIN offers a safe, transparent environment for both travel vendors and travelers, which allows to save money and time while discovering the world.


How It Works


— Smart Contracts Based on Ethereum

We integrate smart contracts, which serves as the main entry point to the system for both users and reserve managers.

The token enables a faster, more secure service via a user-friendly wallet app.


Our wallet is a professional digital asset management application. It has multiple security verification and protection technology designed to securely store your digital assets. As an entry of digital assets, users can check his/her assets in the smart contract anytime and transfer within seconds.


BestKoinBase exchange is a dedicated digital asset trading platform designed by blockchain technical team to meet the needs of personal investors and jointinvestors. It does not only standardize and streamline business processes for accounts, assets, transactions and leverage etc, but also realize easy-to-manage, low-cost, high-efficiency, and comprehensive operations. Combined with the characteristics of the blockchain, the decentralized exchange guarantees the traceability of each transaction.

Our Benefits

BESTKOIN offers state of the art technology that will help international travelers tackle the inconvenience of currency exchange, and lack of security that comes with carrying large amount of cash. Problems with high ATM withdrawal fees and fraud will also be prevented. We will ensure decentralized ledgers, digital wallet, and frictionless transactions through the establishment of BESTKOIN.


BESTKOIN offers a means of transferring money to other individuals or companies across the globe quickly and efficiently, which is faster than Swift and Paypal payment methods.


The BESTKOIN platform ensures savings for tourists by the elimination of middlemen and an impressive cost reduction for vendors through a transparent and secure global ledger.


BESTKOIN is based on cryptography whereby data is encrypted and secured by computers on the network which confirm any form of record that is available on the blockchain.


BESTKOIN caters to the problem of necessity to have access to traditional banking services, alleviating high costs and accessibility.

The BestKoin ECO System

The BESTKOIN Ecosystem is made up of two entities that include the company and the community. THE COMPANY handles technological and business development that takes care of the community growth while THE COMMUNITY takes care of the content, quality assurances, and services.

The Company

The Company ensures the sustainability and growth of BESTKOIN, thereby taking care of product development, business development, and technological development.

The Community

The community operates on an autonomous ecosystem that consists of users, travelers, and other participants. Members of the community have the opportunity to validate and approve new content and monetize their contribution with tokens.

The BESTKOIN timeline

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